I am beyond delighted to announce my upcoming 7 week brand new Gene Keys Course will be launching on The Shift Network platform mid July!

Over the last 3 years, I have been laying low, taking my contemplation deeper into myself and the world around me. What does it really mean to embody these teachings during challenging times of great collective transformation?

The fruits of these contemplations have manifested in a brand new 7 week Gene Keys course!

Together we will explore the global and personal changes that are underway, how you can use your own personal Gene Keys profile to find your place within the big picture and use these Keys to unlock our greatest gifts in sacred service towards our collective humanity.

“The nature of the individual human spirit is one of romance – we humans are all really poets, pirates and lovers.” – 43rd Gene Key, Richard Rudd

Much of the old paradigm of our world has now lost it’s rigid grip on society, and through the impending chaos, we have an unheard of opportunity to come together and co-create a new world through our conscious participation in the process.

With the new AI Revolution taking the world by storm

it has understandably created a lot of apprehension and fear. Yet behind the noise of mainstream media, for those who are courageous, this new technology is providing the gateway to a new world driven by the creative impulse of humanity. Opening up new fields of potential for equality in ways never before imagined.

As with all tools this world discovers, they can be used for creation or for destruction. It is up to the hands that wield them which will decide the direction this next evolution takes. Through achieving coherence in our personal lives, we can together contribute towards ensuring the path towards compassionate creativity!

This 7 week Live Online Course is fuelled

by my Life’s Work (7.5 GK for those that know) exploring the cutting edge of consciousness, where science and spirituality dance to create art. You will feel the inspirations of many great minds in the work such as Richard Rudd, Bruce Lipton, Donald Hoffman, Michael Levin, Rosy Aronson, Robert Edward Grant and many more who continue to bring ground breaking perspectives to the world.

We will be looking at how to Slow Down Time, cultivate an authentic sense of purpose in our daily life, which Gene Key unlocks the power of Attraction in manifesting your best life, how to harness your most challenging relationships to empower you and so much more.

You will be empowered to overcome fear & anxiety through increasing your awareness on what is truly possible, and equip you with a personal set of tools, based on your Gene Keys Profile, to THRIVE in the coming months and years ahead!

I am blessed to announce Richard Rudd, the author of the Gene Keys and first student of this Living Transmission will be appearing on this course as a very special guest to celebrate this next evolution, offering his humble wisdom and perspectives.

Are you ready to throw off the shackles of the past and get ready to take the adventure of a lifetime?

Then fill out the form below and ensure you are the first to hear when the course promotion goes Live for the 29th June 2023 free event where I will be joining The Shift Network Founder, Stephen Dinan to share about this special moment in human evolution through the lens of the 55th & 22nd Gene Keys.

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Do you have a network you would love to share this course with and share in the bounty created? I am looking for Promotional Partners and Podcast opportunities to share this upcoming course and would love to hear from you!

It’s time to find your track in life and begin the adventure of a lifetime.

“Mark is a man with an amazing brain connected to an amazing heart. He has a wealth of experience working with the Gene Keys and has impeccable integrity into the deal.”

Richard Rudd, Author of The Gene Keys

10 thoughts on “Exciting News! The Shift Network will be Launching my New Gene Keys Course!

  1. Melody says:

    Mark is the gentle giant with a gigantic heart and a mind that can flip and fly , maybe that’s the circus performer, yet can listen with deep compassion. Mark is a soul that I feel safe with for his integrity is felt deeply and generously . I absolutely love the gene keys and feel them activating and see them dancing in the world and also the shadow frequencies yet knowing that these shadows are like bows to the gift arrows that can reach the siddhi sun is a stimulating inspiring feeling . The shift sounds perfect for it’s time , it’s a ripening time and can’t wait to heal,hear, feel and experience more !

  2. Taaja K says:

    I just feel such excitement for young men in particular who are floundering in these times. I hope to pass this course on to those beautiful souls that can so benefit with even just a little understanding to set them on the greatest path that is so now needed for them and for all.
    Thank you Melody for your beautiful introduction to Mark Bentley who I always knew as the “behind the scenes” man of the Gene Keys transmissions. Keeping it altogether. So excited to hear he will be sharing his journey on the Shift Network. Blessings.

  3. Ellen Looyen says:

    Hi Mark,
    I love what you’re doing!!
    As a devoted GK student for 3+ years (with a 55.5 Evolution and a 22.1 Attraction), I am looking forward to your class!
    I’m also known as “America’s Leader in Personal Branding” and had my own 30+ year biz spanning 60 countries…
    Google “Ellen Looyen”…
    I’m now semi-retired, but planning on incorporating the GKs into my Branding work.
    Can’t wait to learn from you❣️

  4. Pam DeLeo says:

    I’ve had the great pleasure of spending time with Mark for many years, and I find him to be a truly amazing human. As Richard said, he’s got the balance of a strong insightful mind and a really beautiful open honest brave heart.

    I highly recommend spending time with him guiding this extraordinary Gene Keys work to deepen in your understanding and embodiment of it. He brings gentle humble wisdom alongside great humor and stories to assist in the journey. I’ve been in the work since 2011, and he is truly one of our greatest gems in the community.


  5. Mark Bentley says:

    Thank you for your generous words Melody. You have always been an inspiration in the way you take on the depth of life’s challenges and sing them into beauty.

  6. Mark Bentley says:

    Your faith in these young men warms my heart Taaja. As we redefine our roles in this new world that is being born, I am grateful we have tools like the Gene Keys to support those who are lost find the light within themselves again.
    It has been a real privilege and honour to be the “behind the scenes” man supporting Gene Keys Publishing and our fast growing community! I am really excited for this upcoming course where you will get to see me in all my colours and expressions over 7 weeks!

  7. Mark Bentley says:

    Thank you Ellen!
    You will LOVE the free launch event I will be doing with the Shift Team this month, and I am grateful to know you are out there bringing the 55th and 22nd to life on Timeship Earth.
    I would guess your pretty excited looking forward to the release of the Star Pearl Sequence? That will be the ultimate tool for incorporating into your branding work!
    I am looking forward to see how you take it and evolve it into your work!

  8. Mark Bentley says:

    I have no words that can describe the appreciation I have for you in my world Pam. Thank you for your support, mentoring and beyond all, your unconditional friendship over the years.
    I hold the vision of walking around that lake of yours together when the stars align and we finally get to share hugs, sacred moments and belly laughs together.
    Thank you for your generous words Pam. xx

  9. Catherine says:

    I hold the 47/22 11/12 incarnational cross. Within the myriad of multi perceptual openings to the mind that is the Source of Everything. Mark, it sounds like you have a most beautiful creation, a fractal pattern unique to you. And in full appreciation of Richard Rudd your work sounds immensely exciting. I look forward to seeing your launch. One of many launches. Blessings.

  10. Mark Bentley says:

    That is a potent cross you are walking with Catherine and one so relevant to our modern society and the birthing contractions we are experiencing across timeship Earth. Thank you for taking the time to connect and your support for this launch is appreciated beyond words. May Grace guide you to liberation and beyond!

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