“I loved this chat with Mark Bentley on some brand new topics like What is Human Design & Gene Keys? The Quantum Universe & Sacred Economics, Co-dependency & Relationships, positive & negative AI, Discernment, rising of the Divine Feminine & why Healy aligns with our spiritual evolution. If you enjoy please share…” – Medyhne

I was freshly inspired out of a Healy Conference in Sydney when we recorded this episode from my hotel room. We discussed all my favourite topics including thriving with Gene Keys, Human Design and much more.

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We all do and say things that hurt others, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. Sensitivity is an art we all need to learn. When we’ve learned it, we feel so strong, so connected to life, but we also feel so permeable and soft.”

– Richard Rudd, 19th Gene Key: Co-dependence – Sensitivity – Sacrifice

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