I had the pleasure of joining Katie Chisolm on her podcast The Curious Collective where we had a great time exploring our current times and sharing a bit about my journey along the way.

You can listen live above or visit her Spotify for many more amazing guests Katie has had on the podcast. If you like what you hear, be sure to Subscribe and help her get this work out into the world.

Listeners can get 20% off a Human Design or Gene keys guidance session! You will find the promo code in this episodes description on Spotify. 😉

Kate & I met at the recent Healy Retreat in Bali and discovered we spoke the same language pretty quickly!

“Synarchy means we all lead together! It doesn’t mean that we’re all the same. Not at all. It means that our uniqueness has a place within the orchestra, and instead of just playing a nice tune and being oblivious to all those around us, we begin to play in harmony with everyone.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways

44th Gene Key: Interference – Teamwork – Synarchy

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