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The Shadow of the 64th Gene Key, Confusion, has been rife throughout our collective over the last 3 years. Have you felt it?

I still remember back in 2012 the collective anticipation for the great change, many expecting it to arrive on the 21st of December. Many felt a kind of energetic hangover and disappointment when the sun rose the next day and the world was still in what seemed like the old paradigm.

What many did not realise, is that this date was signifying the planetary download of a whole new set of frequencies the collective would need to integrate into our individual/collective consciousness over the years to come.

Here we are, 11 years later, finally beginning to see the tangible signs of this new energy making its way to the surface.

One of the core idea’s in the Gene Keys wisdom, is that every Shadow serves a sacred function in the evolution of our human consciousness. By understanding this function, it has been incredibly empowering for many around the world to move out of victim consciousness, and instead harness this Shadow frequency.

It is in the 64th Gene Key that we find the shadow of Confusion, one that has been so present and vibrantly active since the events of 2020, shaking up the comfort many had in handing over their sovereignty to governments and external authorities, triggering a collective questioning of all things and the collapse of synthetic trust that has glued our society together until now.

To the mundane mind, the world can feel like it is falling apart, and hope is nowhere to be found. Yet to those with an open heart and faith in the divine, we discover a vision for a future that is co-existing next to this destruction, offering glimpses of what is truly possible if we open up our minds and hearts together in trusting the evolution of consciousness as it guides us through this hugely transformative time that has been 26000 years in the making!

Along with game changing breakthroughs on the scientific front around the quantum reality of our universe and new technology to decentralise power, the rules of creation no longer are limited by dogmatic scientists and out dated politicians!

Confusion is a temporal state of mind that creates an opening for old paradigms to be released, and make way for the new.

The analogy of the Caterpillar becoming a Butterfly is an old one, yet more potent then many actually realise when contemplating our way out of this current state of affairs.

Think about this… As the Caterpillar is creating it’s cocoon, it is driven by an impulse deep in its cells, without really knowing consciously what it is doing or what it is becoming. Patiently it creates what will become the “burial ground” for it’s old sense of self, where the old cells turn to mush, losing their direction, becoming “confused”.

Meanwhile, within the Caterpillar genome, Imaginal Cells are waking up that have been laying dormant holding the architectural plans for the metamorphosis to becoming a Butterfly.

The old cells in their confusion, do not understand what is happening and resist these Imaginal Cells, activating the immune system to try and destroy them. Yet the Imaginal cells do not take this personal, they have their higher calling and do not look for permission from the confused old cells to begin doing the job of recreating the future out of the past.

Eventually, when enough Imaginal cells have joined hands and created the initial infrastructure for the Butterfly, the old cells begin to understand the greater vision and surrender their genetic material to the process.

Just like the Caterpillar, we are all standing at the precipice of the great collective cocoon, which in all the confusion can be terrifying for the old sense of self. So what is the key to finding our way out of this Shadow and towards our own version of the Butterfly?

It lies in the Gift frequency of the 64th Gene Key, the Gift of Imagination.

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Sadly many were conditioned at a young age to believe imagination is a childish thing, being told to disregard it unless one was doing something like art.

Paradoxically, Artists over the ages have been one of the most undervalued talents in our economic system who have been the inspiration for great innovations and the bridge between science and spirituality.

It is time to reawaken your Imagination, redefining it as one of the most important tools to cultivate in the days and years to come. Artificial Intelligence (AI), for example, is impotent without the gift of Imagination to fuel it!

It is through the conscious use of your imagination that you are able to communicate and connect to the information field beyond time and space to connect with the greater vision of what is already manifesting in our reality and the beauty of what it is to become.

Then, just like the Caterpillar, we develop courage and faith in what we feel deep in our cells, these latent superpowers that are coming alive. Trusting that whatever challenges we face, whatever emotions we are confronting and whatever pain we might be temporarily experiencing, is all a part of the metamorphosis process as we let our old belief systems break down into mush, so that our imagination can be fuelled with the freedom it needs to begin the re-construction of our new society going forwards.

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