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Early Years: Unveiling the Alchemy of Human Potential

From aspiring actor to managing nightclubs in Norway, my path was filled with unexpected twists that shaped my outlook on life – feeding my curiosity for the hidden side of the human experience.

The Catalyst: Motorcycle Crash and Life’s Pace Adjustment

In my mid-20s, a motorcycle accident at the peak of my performing career prompted a lifestyle re-assesment. Returning to Australia, I embarked on a transformative journey into self inquiry, performing globally and immersing myself in spiritual pursuits.

Awakening to Synchronicity: Exploring the Law of Time and Mayan Dreamspell 

Discovering the Mayan Dreamspell in Peru was the day my life began to start making sense. Josse Arguelles’ teachings resonated, leading me on a synchronistic spiritual pilgrimage that eventually led me to the mystical world of the Gene Keys.

Saturn Return: Navigating Fatherhood’s Challenges

Becoming a dad at 28 delivered a powerful humbling. My spiritual theories were put to the test in the real world with no more running from myself possible. Balancing parenthood, I learned the stark difference between theory and practise, embodying beliefs in challenging times.

Who am I? Embracing Human Design

Feeling lost in thee ensuing chaos, I turned to Human Design for clarity. My first HD Analysis with Satyen Del Monte, and studying under John Martin marked a transformative phase, becoming a certified LYD Guide.

Plant Medicine Journey: Confronting Fears with Ayahuasca

An 18-month exploration with Ayahuasca brought profound revelations, challenging fears of embracing my masculine power and causing harm. It was a journey from terror to divine ecstasy preparing me for these times.

Gene Keys: Find the Map and The Compass to Purpose

Holding the Gene Keys book at a Law of Time gathering, I felt an immediate connection. Studying under Richard Rudd, I became a lifelong Gene Keys Ambassador – cultivating my own unique relationship with the living transmission and facilitating workshops around the world.


Rosy Aronson
The Wisdom Keepers

“The knowledge that Mark shares is so beautifully clear that it lands with ease, even when the things he shares may not be so easy for me to hear. His insights are profound and his gentle soul is so loving.”

Brian Kelly
9D Breathwork Experience

“I cannot recommend Mark Bentley enough to anyone and everyone who seek a deeper connection to Self and a more profound sense of clarity when it comes to the discovery of one’s gifts, genius and life purpose.”

Tara Meegan
Tantra Teacher/Practioner

“Gene Keys is incredible – as a Scientist, Business Manager, wife and Spiritual seeker, my session with Mark was incredibly enlightening on so many level – from dealing with stress, to relationships, to addictions, to my life’s purpose and the incredible Grace that life is waiting to bestow if I just get out of the way 🙂”

Holliea Fairleigh
Shakti Holistic Healing

“Thank you Mark for our insightful and enlightening readings- we had individual and a couples session. We have more self awareness now and a deeper understanding of ourselves and each other. Plus tools we can look back on for further support! Thank you so much 🙏🏻”

Peter Schupp
GAIM ON App Creator

“Mark has an awesome wealth of knowledge and ability to pull you apart and put you back together in his readings. He seems to do this intuitively and he is so on point that the session is a joy to be part of. The rabbit hole of potential and options that open are then in your power.”


In order for humanity to transcend beyond our current global challenges, the solution lies within the decentralisation of economics, politics and power. Where the Romans once fell under the corruption of centralised politics, humanity has a unique opportunity to rewrite the story. 

Welcome to the Decentralised Social Blockchain, where the human spirit is liberated an empowered. Ready to discover?


Our bodies are our instruments in this symphony of humanity. As a musician must maintain their guitar strings to achieve harmony with this orchestra, so too must we bring the frequencies of our mind, body and soul into alignment with our natural order to live in harmony with our reality.

Get in touch if you would like to discover how this wearable frequency device can support your journey to purpose and prosperity.

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